We are a husband and wife team who were inspired to open Steadfast Stone Crafters, LLC to help the local economy after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We were touched by the generous heart and courageous spirit of Houstonians and are proud to help the city rebuild Houston Strong. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact Steadfast Stone Crafters, LLC today.

Metehan has been involved in various aspects of the stone industry for years, primarily working in fabrication & Installation, formerly in New York, New Jersey working in countless residential projects as well as large commercial projects such as Ritz Carlton, White Plains NY and the Trump Tower in Upstate NY. He makes sure that Steadfast Stone Crafters delivers Old World Master Craftsmanship Quality with his superb knowledge of stone type, form, and function and his skilled use of cutting edge design tools.



Liv brings an artistic approach and eye for detail to the installation and fabrication process based on her diverse background in customer service, University Admissions & Administration, Acting, and Directing. She has a passion for the history of the stone industry and makes it her personal challenge to see that the stone in your home or commercial project stands out as natural artwork. She is also bilingual in Spanish.